[TED]Parag Khanna maps the future of countries

18 七月


the power of those European countries such as the UK,Portugal (which owned Brazil),and France…..etc. started to devastate, colonies started to be independent, such as  Brazil, Congo, India…etc.. In 1990, Soviet started to collapse, Lithuania, Poland and other Eastern European countries started to leave Soviet because of the crisis of economy which was caused by communism. Aftrer 1990, Russia is still the largest country in the world, which “could " defeat the US , but what happened today is that China started to rise abruptly, data show that lots and lots of Chinese started to move forward to Siberia and started to invest, the territory of the future “may" increase a lot then now.

In addition to China, Mr.Khann also talked about lots of places that wanted to be independent such as Kurdistan and Baluchistan. Mr.Khann used those things which are happening around the world to explain how geopolitics works,and how to use maps to explain the world issues that are happening all around the world.

[Why do I recommend the talk]

By the concept of globalization started to rise, we could not ignore everything happening all around the world. Each action, each movement could change the world into a different generation. In this video, Mr.Khann explained how map shows each variation that happened around the world, and this is called"geopolitics", which means that how borders effect many situations. By this video, people who don’t really follow the international news can clearly know how the world situations work, by the easiest thing– maps, those beginners can understand our current world by the fastest, easiest way.

But I thought Mr.Khann lost a lot of things that need to be talked about. First of all, When he talked about economic and trade bases in Eastern Asia, he didn’t listed out that Taipei is one of those hotspots.  Taipei had already hold many international activities such as Deaflympics and Flora Expo. In the technology area, Taipei owns the second biggest international information technology show,which is called"Computex Taipei". If we ignore the political problem of the R.O.C., Taipei deserves it !  After signing the ECFA, we can get rid of  the problem that we couldn’t get in the ASEAN and have more chances to trade with other countries by signing the FTA, and this makes not only Taipei, but also Taiwan to be the hotspot of trading and marketing. Second, Mr.Khann never talked about India in this video, India has the second largest populations in the world, and has conflicts with China and Pakistan, and there are over 25 separatist movement in India’s territory. What’s more, India could be the second largest power in Asia, and till 2030, it may make China to be the second largest population country.

It’s true that Mr.Khann has a lot of problem in his talk, but he explain the concept of geopolitics clearly in this video, and digested skillfully when he talked about China. Yes, China’s world power is rising, the fact of being the power that replaced Russia is true,Mr.Khann really gave us a new vision when we look at modern China.

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