[BOOK REPORT] Kidnapped

22 八月

Author:Robert  Louis Stevenson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This is a story that really happened in the year 1751, a great adventurous story of David Balfour. The story took place at Essendean, Lowlands of Scotland, the UK, David Balfour’s Dad was a dominie(a school teacher), but then he and his wife were all dead, so David must leave the house that was provided for the school teachers. Fortunately, before David’s dad was dead, he wrote a letter to David, told him to find his uncle for help. But something went wrong after he got to his uncle’s house, uncle Ebenezer seemed to demand David to do something strange and dangerous,David then asked him why he did this to him,uncle Ebenezer avoided to answer the question, and told him that he’ll bring him to the harbor tomorrow, then he’ll tell him the answer. This was when the adventure started, David was kidnapped by a grand ship on the next day. Then David’s adventure started,an adventure of getting back to his hometown, an adventure to accuse his uncle, an adventure of friendship.

< Scotland >

<a map in the book>







<a clearer map>

<I used google map to create a modern kidnapped map!!!!!>


Actually, my foreign English teacher read this story to us when we were in elementary school, and it was actually a great book, a book of adventure, friendship, and braveness.  This story also reflected the problem of the conflict between the English people and the Scottish people, which is a fun feature that the author used the history to be the trigger of the whole story,  it’s truly a fun fact of combing the history and the adventurous story.  In the story, we can also find out that in the beginning of the story, David was just a boy, he had house, family, food.  But after his parents died (which is a turning point of the story), he had to survive, after the ship crushed, he had to find a way to get back to where he belongs, he started to adapt to the wild life, make friends with others, and till the end, he arrived Edinburgh, he accused his uncle because of the “murder", and started a brand new life, what we can see is David’s growing-up-story, from a kid to an adult, there are too many thing to be experienced and realized!



一個回應 to “[BOOK REPORT] Kidnapped”

  1. astorpia 2011 年 10 月 17 日 於 3:54 下午 #

    It is a nice story that illustrates the conflict betw England and Scotland in history. Thanks for recommendation.

    In English, the quotation mark is “…", not the bracket 『…』 in Chinese.
    There are great ideas in your writing, but it can be a bit unorganized, not to mention the sloppy mistake of connecting sentences with a comma.

    If u can correct them, it would be perfect!

    best luck,



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