[Shakespeare] Hamlet

27 八月



Prince Hamlet:The prince of Denmark, he is the only child in the royal family

Claudius:Hamlet’s uncle, who wanted to become the king of Denmark, so murdered the king of Denmark

Ghost(Hamlet’s Father):Hamlet’s father, a great king in Denmark, people loved him

Gertrude :Hamlet’s mother,the queen of Denmark. but then married to Claudius

Horatio:Hamlet’s friend,the one who help Hamlet to spread the scandal of Hamlet’s uncle 

Ophelia:Hamlet’s fiancée , but finally admitted suicide because  Hamlet’s offensive words 

Polonius: Ophelia’s father,  Lord Chamberlain to King Claudius , but then was killed by Hamlet by accident.

Laertes: Ophelia’s brother, had a fight with Hamlet in the end of the story, but was killed in the end.


Hamlet’s father, the king of Denmark was loved by all the people in Denmark, but one day was found dead in the yard, no one knew what happened to the king. One day, Hamlet’s friend, Horatio, bumped into a ghost, what’s special was that the ghost seemed to be the dead king. Then he took Hamlet to see the ghost, the ghost appeared and was really the dead king, then he told Hamlet that the one who killed him was his brother, which was Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Then Hamlet started to be insane, he hurt Ophelia, and had the opera troupe perform the show of how the uncle murder his brother, which was a king.Claudius was so mad that he wrote a letter to the English King that he wanted someone to kill Hamlet but in vein. Unfortunately, Ophelia killed herself because Hamlet didn’t love her anymore, Claudius thought that was a good chance to make Laertes, Ophelia’s brother to fight with Hamlet. In the fight, Gertrude drank the poisonous wine that was prepared by Claudius to kill Hamlet, at the same time, Hamlet and Leartes were both injured badly, Leartes finally said that it was Claudius’s conspiracy. Hamlet then used his last ounce of the strength to stuck him with the sword. Seeing the lord of the death coming towards Hamlet, Horatio wanted to kill himself too, but was stopped by Hamlet, what he wanted Horatio to do was to tell the miserable story to all the people, Horatio agreed. The  members of the royal family were  finally dead, and the Hamlet’s revenge was finally done.

Modern Production:

[The Trailer]

[Details] (source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamlet_(1990_film) )

Directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Produced by Bruce Davey
Dyson Lovell
Written by Franco Zeffirelli
Christopher De Vore
Based on The play by William Shakespeare
Starring Mel Gibson
Glenn Close
Alan Bates
Paul Scofield
Ian Holm
Helena Bonham Carter
Stephen Dillane
Nathaniel Parker
Music by Ennio Morricone
Cinematography David Watkin
Editing by Richard Marden
Studio Nelson Entertainment
Icon Productions
Carolco Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) December 19, 1990(limited)
January 18, 1991
Running time 130 minutes
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English
Box office $20,710,451


Franco Zeffirelli


Mel Gibson

Glenn Close

╳ Special ╳ : 2009 BBC TV FILM (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamlet_(2009_television_film))

Hamlet is a 2009 television film adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2008 award-winning modern-dress stage production ofWilliam Shakespeare’s play of the same name, aired on BBC Two on 26 December 2009. It was broadcast by PBS in the United States on 28 April 2010.

It features the original stage cast of David Tennant in the title role of Prince Hamlet, Patrick Stewart as King Claudius and the ghost of Hamlet’s father, Penny Downie as Queen Gertrude, Mariah Gale as Ophelia, Edward Bennett as Laertes, Oliver Ford Davies as Polonius, and Peter de Jersey as Horatio.

DVD cover for Hamlet
Genre Drama
Directed by Gregory Doran
Written by William Shakespeare
Starring David Tennant
Patrick Stewart
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Original channel BBC Two
Release date 26 December 2009
Running time 180 minutes
Official website



Quotes from Hamlet :

Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin.

  • Ghost, scene v

The time is out of joint; O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!

  • Hamlet

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

  • Hamlet, scene v

Beggar that I am, I am even poor in thanks.

  • Hamlet, scene ii

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