Snapshots !

1 四月



 This is the picture which was taken on our way to Kenting. From the picture, you clearly find out that’s it was a sunny day, the sun light was as needles stinging on my skin. Because of that, I took off my coat and wore on a light shirt. I was quite excited then , for we were heading to National Museum of Marine Biology And Aquarium in Pingtung. In fact, you can feel the passion of Southern Taiwan by feeling the heat on the bus. Who cares about the heat? It had been raining for days in Taipei, what I need was sunny day !  😉 








This is our party at  National Museum of Marine Biology And Aquarium in Pingtung. You may ask, " Why do those people wear weird costumes on stage? " Well, as a little monster (you know what it is), I can exactly tell you how that happened. They wanted to pretend to be Lady Gaga! That’s why they had their wigs on their head ! When I heard “Poker Face" , what I did was screaming and yelling. I didn’t even care about the huge speakers playing the song loudly behind me. To me,this is the BEST PARTY EVER!  


We collected all of our fluorescent bars, and put them in the shape of heart. We did it in the end of the party. We talked about how thankful we were to our teacher. Actually, I was moved by those words. We have been taught be our lovely teacher, Joseph since we entered Ming Lun Senior High. We spend most of our time together with classmates and Joseph everyday. We have those sweet memories and those memories won’t be erased for we are already strongly connected through the past two years. I would say, senior high school life is the best part of my life. I’ve never been so happy before I was a senior high school student.  And do you know why I’m so happy right now ? Because I have my lovely classmates and teachers. That’s enough, and that’s the best gift in my senior high school life, because of this precious gift, I’m doing well now. 


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