An Encounter at a Masquerade

14 九月

Last week, Jason was invited to the masquerade. Jason was so excited, for he was looking for a girlfriend,and this might be a good chance to find one.In order to attract all the girls, he even bought an expensive suit for the masquerade.

In the masquerade . he did really find a good-looking girl. They even fell in love at the first sight! After a short talk, Jason found out that the girl lived in the apartment that was near to his house. They even had many things in common like watching movies and swimming. After the short talk, they even danced and had drinks togeter. Jason thought he found his true love and asked her if she could be his girlfriend, but love and asked her if she could be his girlfriend, but the girl said she would think about it if he could do something special for her.

So after he went home, he took out his guitar and went to the plaza in front of the girl’s apartment. He sang so loudly that many people were disturbed by him. “Shut up! Stop singing!" Jason was shocked that he didn’t see the girl but made the people in the apartment furious “What are you doing here? I don’t live in this apartment, I live in the other one!"  Jason was so embarrassed that he ran away as fast as he could with the girl left in front of the apartment apologizing to the annoyed people in the apartment. From then on, Jason never saw the girl again. for she thought he was not responsible at all.


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