A Smart Phone Trouble

4 十二月

  Since smart phone has been a trend, I have been craving to have one to show my friends how fashionable I am. Last month, while my mom and I were shopping in the biggest mall in the downtown, I saw the thing that I had been craving for, a smart phone. I begged my mom to buy me one, but she declined my request. In order to have it, I made a deal with her. “Since I have been the most hard-working student among my classmates, you should buy one for me. With this smart phone , I can read the international news and search h for the latest news of science to improve my insufficient knowledge.” My mom was surprised how awesome the smart phone was, and bought me one after my brief introduction of it.

  After I got home, I opened the box and took out the phone in excitement. I couldn’t believe that it was in my hand! After a few minutes of happiness, I called my friend Lily to show here how happy I was and promised here I would bring it to school tomorrow.

  The next day, I went out to the school with my smart phone. It made me feel like a billionaire with it in my hand while I was walking in the crowds. Every time I used my fingers to touch the screen made me feel like living in the future world. “Hey! Loreen! Show me your phone!” I took out my phone with and elegant posture and smiled like a princess. “Wow!” She shouted in amazement. Since the, I played my phone with Lily in class or when class was dismissed. One day, my teacher finally found us playing the phone seceretly, and took the phone away angrily. “Loreen, I have been observing your scores recently, and the only thing I found out is that your scores are worse than before, and now I finally found out the reason!”

  After I got home, I confessed to my mother that I was caught playing the smart phone in class. She was not angry but said she was happy that her daughter finally learned the lesson that following the trend was often blind.



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