A Book To Share

7 十二月

I have been craving to be a diplomat since I was a child, for the work seems to be challenging and exciting. But not until I found the book “Diplomat’s Life” in the library did I realize how tough the work is. The book is co-written by several diplomats, diplomats’ spouses, and their children. Each diplomat tells their story of working abroad in a different environment. Some diplomats tell how tough the work was when they had to compete with diplomat from P.R.O.C. By reading this book, I can feel how cruel the diplomats from China were, and I can realize how cruel the battle of diplomacy was. If a country breaks up the relation with us, we have to close our embassy, and the diplomat has to wait until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs send out instructions. Some diplomats’ children even tell how tough their life were in the book when they lived in a country they were no familiar with, and they had to move to another country for every three years . Yes, the work was tough for them, but they are happy that they did really help to improve the relationship with other countries for their country.

I want to share this book with my parents for several reasons. First of all, they don’t really support me to be a diplomat, for I have to leave the place where I’ve been living for years and our country might not be able to compete with China in the battle of creating relationship with other countries. Second, I want to let them know though the work is tough, I can be strong enough to do it, for I’m working for the country’s honor. By reading this book, they might be able to understand why I’ve been craving to be a diplomat since I was a child, and I am sure that they will support me because I’m doing something right for the bright future of Taiwan.




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